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JAZZ pro 700-12

Tensiune intrare: 12V DC
tensiune iesire: 200, 220, 230, 240 V AC - selectabila
Putere nominala: 700 W AC

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458,64 €(TVA inclus) Adaugă

SWING pro 350-12

Tensiune intrare: 12V DC
tensiune iesire: 230 V AC
Putere nominala: 350 W AC

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181,44 €(TVA inclus) Adaugă

HIPHOP pro 1500 - 24

Tensiune intrare: 24V DC
tensiune iesire: 200 - 240 V AC - selectabila
Putere nominala: 1500 W AC

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772,80 €(TVA inclus) Adaugă

Solsum 10.10 F


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32,66 €(TVA inclus) Adaugă
Panou solar Yingli Solar YL100C-18b 100Wp

Panou solar Yingli Solar YL100C-18b 100Wp

Nennleistung Pmax: 100 Wp

Nennspannung Vmpp: 17,5 V

Nennstrom Impp: 5,71 A

Leerlaufspannung Voc: 22,2 V

Kurzschlussstrom Isc: 5,99 A

Maße L x B: 1010 x 660 mm

Höhe Rahmen / Dose: 35 mm

Gewicht: 9 kg

Anschlussmöglichkeiten des Moduls: ca. 1 m Kabel mit MC4 Steckern

Rahmenfarbe: Silber eloxiert

Reduceri disponibile Reduceri disponibile
130,98 €(TVA inclus) Adaugă
Solarmodul SM 536-50W/12V monokristalline

Solarmodul SM 536-50W/12V monokristalline

Max Power: 50W
Toleranta: 0 +3W
V max la P max: 18,18 V
I max la P max: 2,8 A
Tensiune circuit deschis: 23,17 V
Curent la scurt-circuit: 3,08 A
Temperatura nominala celule: 47 + - 2 oC
Tensiune maxima sistem: 1000 V DC
Siguranta max.: 10 A
Tip celula: MONO-Si
Greutate: 4,4 kg
Dimensiuni: 680 x 510 x 35 (mm)

59,14 €(TVA inclus) Adaugă

Steca Solarix PRS 2020

12/24V DC
20 Ah

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64,15 €(TVA inclus) Adaugă
Turbina eoliana 300W - 12V DC

Turbina eoliana 300W - 12V DC

The wind generator Black 300 with a rotor diameter of 1.6 meters has neither a magnetic cogging still a magnetic holding torque . Thus it is able to move itself from a wind speed of only 0.8 m / s in rotation . From a wind speed of 1.8 m / s the small wind turbine begins to produce electricity , with which eg . , A battery can be charged .

The equipped with permanent magnets three-phase AC generator is expected to reach its capacity of 343 watts at a wind speed of 9.7 m / s . In interpreting particular attention was given that the rotor ( repeller ) Fit the generator to whistling or roaring sound , as is often the case to be avoided in small wind turbines .

1x Black 300 in 12V
1x rotor set Black 300 (3 pieces)
1x Screw pack for attachment of the rotor blades , wind vane and Spinner
1x wind vane
1x backplate
1x Spinner

1x charge controller VWG2014

Not included in the delivery:
• Cable
• Mast
• Pole diameter

rotor: 3 pale

Material rotor Carbon Nylon

Diametrul rotorului ( asamblat ): 1,22 m

generator: permanent

Transmisie: acționare directă

tensiunea sistemului: 12 V DC

Putere nominală la 9,36m / s: 343 W

Procesul de încărcare de la: 1,8 m / s

greutatea generatorului: 16 kg

Pack Dimensiuni: 70 cm x 40 cm x 21 cm (18 kg)

garanție: 24 luni

Specificații Charge Controller

model: GLV 2014

tensiunea bateriei: 12V

Max . Diametrul rotorului: 1.6m

Max . Putere (vânt de intrare ! )
Avertizare Trei faze ! ( Trifazat )

12V 600W

24V 900W

Max . Putere ( Solar intrare ): 20A

curent de încărcare: 40A / 20A

Tensiunea de incarcare: 14.4V / 28.8V

Dimensiuni ( L x W x H ) în mm: 278 x 133 x 75

garanție: 24 luni

Reduceri disponibile Reduceri disponibile
1.200,00 €(TVA inclus) Adaugă
Pompa Shurflo Sealed Premium 2088-573-534

Pompa Shurflo Sealed Premium 2088-573-534

premium delivery pump totally sealed, 3,6 GPM 24VDC, 30m, 13,5 l/min, 3,5 bar water pump, 6A, 1/2 MSPT port threads

Dimension : 250 x 120 x 100 mm

Weight : 3.50 kg

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251,75 €(TVA inclus) Adaugă

Solsum 6.6F


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22,22 €(TVA inclus) Adaugă

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